Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Texans Urged to Grab Brooms to Clean Instead of Hoses

Texans are urged to conserve water due to the ongoing drought in the state. In a recent article featured in Austin.CultureMap.com, news writer Ashley Goudeau cited the efforts of a home improvement retailer and a water conservation coalition to educate the residents on how they can help conserve water. The drought has affected water reserves that led to a statewide water shortage. Fixing water leaks and utilizing water conserving systems in their homes are some of the things Texans can do to help. They should also have their plumbing repaired, inspected and upgraded. Because the state hasn't seen significant signs of recovering from the drought, lawmakers and officials will enforce water conservation laws and measures. Some of the ways the state considers include processing waste water into potable water and installing dual flush systems on toilets. These are services that Austin plumbing contractors can offer.