Sunday, August 17, 2014

Replace Your Plumbing in Austin Now to Protect Your Health and Home

Besides being potential health hazards, old pipes present risks of water damage, which may cause you hundreds of dollars’ worth of repair. Replacing your pipes or an entire Austin plumbing system now can save you more in the long run, even if this means shelling out some money today. To get reliable results, work only with highly experienced plumbing companies like Pure Plumbing Service.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hire Austin, TX Plumbers to Ensure Your Plumbing Is Installed to Code

Given the accuracy needed in the selection of plumbing materials as well as in the installation of the entire plumbing system, the job is best left in the hands of the professionals. They not only work faster and more accurately; they can also design a plumbing system with careful consideration of the water source and climate in your area, the closest sewer main, the size of your house, and other crucial elements. The vast experience of skilled Austin plumbers, like those from Pure Plumbing Service, in installing different plumbing systems make their workmanship superior. Licensed plumbers are also constantly updated on any code changes that need to be followed.