Monday, September 30, 2013

Telltale Signs that You Need the Services of Plumbers in Austin, TX

"Some plumbing problems surface only when they are already at extreme levels. For instance, you may not know that you've already got leaky pipes in your bathroom until you see a sudden spike in your utility bill. Thankfully, there are sure signs of a leaky pipe which, if you know what to look for, shouldn't be that hard to detect. The city of Austin in Texas, being one of the largest in the United States, naturally has a lot of residential and commercial buildings with plumbing systems that might, at any time, spring a leak. To remedy this, compiled a few tips on how to spot a leaky plumbing system before it's too late. If you happen to notice the following signs, you might want to forgo DIY plumbing repairs and instead turn to professional plumbers in Austin, TX."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Austin Plumbing Professionals and Homeowners Join Forces to Conserve Water in a Drought

"Residents from Central Texas were advised to conserve and use water sensibly because of the drought that continues to plague the area, according to an article published on June 25 in Texas Water News online. Lakes Travis and Buchanan are greatly affected by this drought and are both experiencing record-low levels. The lakes are expected to be filled once again only if there will be heavy rainfall that would last for several days. Texas is experiencing drought for an extended period, which has resulted in the cutoff of water supply from Highland Lakes to downstream farmers. Following this development, municipal and industrial customers have been advised to conserve water. Should there be any problems in their pipes, Austin plumbing professionals like those from Pure Plumbing Service can fix pipe leaks, and repair or replace leaking faucets to avoid wasting water. Locals are also required to follow the water limit set by local water providers to this end."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Plumbers in Austin, TX Provide Excellent Service to Every Homeowner

" reports on June 23 that a local church group in Harris County helped an elderly couple by repairing their dilapidated house that's seen better days. The couple has been living in their home for years but because both are sick—the woman has heart problems and the man has dementia—they aren't capable of fixing it. All houses, whether they're located in Texas or any state, require periodic maintenance and checking to keep them in A-1 condition. Without these, any house will deteriorate fast until it becomes a full-blown and expensive renovation project. Common house problems are a defective HVAC system, faulty roofing system, and damaged plumbing system. Professional plumbers from Austin, TX like Pure Plumbing Service can repair plumbing problems fast and efficiently. "