Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Austin Plumbing 101: Facts You Should Know about Backflow Prevention

"Your home's plumbing system basically performs two functions: it delivers potable water, and it takes away waste or 'foul' water for your safety. To avoid mixing up these two functions, plumbing systems are designed so that potable water runs in only one direction and avoids passing through pipes meant for sewage waste. Yet this mechanism may also be reversed if the public water main suddenly loses pressure, in a process known as backflow. Backflow contaminates potable water, making it extremely dangerous for use. Just imagine the serious public health problems that may arise if the pipelines catering to the 850,000 residents of Austin, Texas were to convey contaminated water. Thankfully, reputable Austin plumbing companies like Pure Plumbing Service are equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment to prevent backflow from affecting your home and endangering your entire family."